Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who You Gonna Call? Ron Paul!!

The following post was published over at The Freedom Fellowship blog on July 1st, one day after this experince as follows:

Infectious Chant Takes Over Des Moines Rally For Ron Paul

July 1, 2007

by Fred Smart, The Freedom Fellowship

Yesterday, out of the blue a rally chant for Ron Paul was received as a little voice in my head. I was standing there in my blue blazer with my Ron Paul signs, buttons, etc. and I couldn't help but feel for this older fellow - who I later learned was Arthur Jones who ran for Congress hailed from my home area (Chicago) - trying to get the crowd excited to chant in support for Ron Paul. Don't get me wrong, Arthur was getting a good response - the sound was pretty loud and good and it came straight from his heart/soul - but I really thought the sound should have been much louder and full of more energy for there was a pretty impressive crowd of supporters there. One fellow came up to me and said he counted some 200+ lining both sides of the street by the parking lot which was located on the northside of the convention center.

Then I received thought that was connected to that great line from the movie Ghostbusters: "Who you gonna call....Ghostbusters!!"

The "Ron Paul Des Moine Rally Call" came out very simply as:




RON PAUL! - repeat many times.


THE CROWD RESPONDING: RON PAUL!! - repeat a few times...

Unfortunately, once you start this pattern it's pretty infectious. It has a way of getting everyone involved in the response for there's a "single-to-many" point to counterpoint energy that reinforces each side - myself and the crowd - the more you continue the chant. Upon reflecton, I must admit that too much exposure to Ronny Woo Woo Wickers at Wrigley Field and Ho Ho Kam Park in Mesa Arizona might be behind this affliction. Perhaps we need to get Ronny Woo Woo Wickers on board the Ron Paul campaign!

I'm sure there will be some more video of this coming forth on, etc. Here are two great videos that highlight our "Who You Gonna Call....RON PAUL!!" march/chant:

Here's the Ron Paul 2008 "official video" of the event, entitled "Leading the Cause of Freedom in Iowa":

And may God Bless the "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!!"

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Editor's Note (1): The chant seems to have a life of it's own:

Mark Your Calendars: December 1st Is "RON PAUL Rally Day!"

Produced by AmericanPatriot2008

Editor's Note (2): We received the following numerical revelation this morning, 11/25, as follows:

Who (586) You (763) Gonna (76551) Call (3133) = 81033

As noted above, June 30, 2007 was the day this "Who You Gonna Call? RON PAUL!" experience first manifested. 20070630 was also the 81033rd day from/including August 20, 1785 which was EXACTLY 150 years prior to the day Ron Paul was born.

If you use Ron Paul's 72nd birthday on August 20, 2007 as the baseline and add 81033 "Who You Gonna Call" days you will arrive at 22290630, or exactly the 222nd anniversary of Ron Paul's famously successful rally in Des Moines Iowa on 6/30/07.

The Divine Order and Providence is perfect, unified and ONE (1)!! The energy of freedom and liberty brings everyone and everything together as ONE (1)!! And the numbers prove it!